Note : This site covers version 2 of CloudTrail Viewer.

CloudTrail Viewer

CloudTrail Viewer

CloudTrail Viewer is an Open Source Java desktop application for reading and analysing AWS API Events contained in the files provided by the CloudTrail service.

Use CloudTrail Viewer to monitor your API usage, get more information about API Errors, check for security issues or just see what is happening in your account.

Process your CloudTrail files to get complete visibility on what is happening in your AWS Account.

Read Events

CloudTrail is a powerful service that provides a lot of useful/actionable information, but it's useless if the files stay in S3, unused and unloved.

Use CloudTrail Viewer to load these files from S3, or the local filesystem, in order to view the information in an easy to read and understandable format.

Analyse Usage

Once you've loaded your files use one of the many Features in CloudTrail Viewer to see the information in a way that works best for you.

Examine the Events broken down by User, Location or Resource. Drill down to get more information, look at the Events either side to see the pattern.

Find Issues

Did an RDS Instance disappear overnight for no reason? Do you known who has been spinning up all those EC2s in your account?

CloudTrail Viewer provides Features that organises the Events loaded into useful sections to make understanding the data easier.